Donation Opportunities

At Golden Pond, we are deeply appreciative of the continued support and kindness from our community.

While we are equipped with the resources necessary to provide excellent care, your additional contributions can significantly enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Start Your Contribution

Your generous donations enable us to broaden the range of activities and make vital improvements that positively impact our residents' daily lives.

Here are a few types of things we accept:

Books and Media:

  • Donate books, particularly large print editions and audiobooks.
  • DVDs and CDs for entertainment and learning.
  • E-readers and tablets for tech-savvy reading.

Entertainment and Recreation:

  • Board games, puzzles, and card games.
  • Arts and crafts supplies for creative expression.
  • Musical instruments for music therapy and recreational use.


  • New or nearly new computers and laptops.
  • Audio/visual equipment to enhance group activities and entertainment.

Volunteer Your Time:

  • Make a personal impact by volunteering to bring joy and companionship to our residents through various activities, sharing your skills, or simply spending time together. Please see our Volunteering page for more information.

Corporate Engagement:

  • Corporate Sponsorships: Businesses can contribute through financial donations to specific programs, product donations, or event sponsorships.

Coordination of Donations:

To arrange your donation or get more information, please use the form below. We’ll follow up with details to maximize the impact of your generosity.

Donation Form

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Items We Cannot Accept:

  • Used clothing or personal items.
  • Perishable goods.
  • Large appliances.
  • Bulky furniture.
  • Prescription medications or used medical supplies.