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Rick Wathen

Rick Wathen

Director of Health & Wellness, LPN


What aspect of your role in senior care do you find most fulfilling?

I love getting to know the residents and their families and supporting them in the best and worst of times. I enjoy looking at residents' pictures and finding out the story behind them.

What do you love about our community here?

Having worked in other communities in the past, I love the fun, family atmosphere at Golden Pond. Residents are active in life, making Golden Pond a fun and often interesting place to work.

How does your background or a particular skill benefit our team?

I became a nurse while enlisted in the Army. This allowed me to learn different techniques and work with other medical professionals from around the world in high-pressure situations.

What do you enjoy outside work that contributes to your wellbeing or happiness?

I enjoy being outdoors, hiking 14ers, and playing Paintball. My family is the driving force in my life that keeps me going every day.

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