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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Family, Friends and Residents,

As you are likely aware, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recently released updated guidance on indoor visitation in residential care facilities.

Although this is certainly exciting news, it is important to understand the criteria involved in our community being able to allow such visits.  The following six criteria must be met before we can permit indoor visitation:

  1. Degree of Community Spread – The facility must be located in a county that has less than or equal to an average of 25 new, active cases per 100,000 people over the prior 14 days. Currently, Jefferson County does NOT meet this requirement.

Facilities in counties with 26-175 new, active cases per 100,000 people over the prior 14 days. Visitors must provide documentation that they have had a negative COVID test in the 48 hours preceding the visit.  Currently, Jefferson county DOES meet this requirement.

  1. Baseline Testing – The Facility must have conducted at least one round of testing of all staff members and residents who have left the facility in the preceding 14 days. We are working closely with the state to allocate the testing supplies necessary to meet this requirement.  Look for additional communication as we begin baseline testing.
  2. Surveillance and Outbreak Testing – Based on several factors, including community and facility positivity rates, we plan to test employees either weekly or bi-weekly to actively prevent an outbreak.
  3. Outbreak Free – Golden Pond must not be experiencing a current COVID-19 outbreak.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment – Golden Pond must maintain a 14-day supply of PPE that would be necessary to respond to an outbreak.  We currently have adequate PPE to meet this requirement.
  5. Critical Staffing – Golden Pond must maintain adequate staffing without using contingency staffing.

Please note that we are working closely with the state, and have been for some time, to allow indoor visitation. We are absolutely in favor of making this a reality for our residents and their families.  When we are confident that we can meet the preceding six criteria, we will communicate the next steps in the process.

Thank you for your continued patience, and please reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.


Attention Residents, Family and friends,

As many of you are aware, the Colorado Department of Public Health recently visited our community to observe infection control processes.

Although they were impressed with efforts being done to keep residents safe from COVID-19, they encourage us to revisit the recently updated COVID-19 Preparation and Rapid Response Checklist.

Most notably, residents should wear a face mask or cloth face-covering any time that they leave their room.  While we certainly understand how challenging this can be, we are singularly focused on the safety of every resident.

In the coming days, we will install a hook behind the door for you to hang your mask on. Additionally, we will provide a reminder sign, encouraging you to wear a mask anytime you leave your room.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Family and friends,

I would like everyone to be aware of a process change taking place at Golden Pond.  COVID-19 has significantly limited the amount of in-person interaction families can have with their loved ones.  In turn, this has left administrative staff, including Chelsea and myself, to field an overwhelming number of calls and emails from family members seeking information.

In an attempt to increase staff efficiency and respond quicker to family concerns, we will be instituting a concierge service beginning on Monday, August 10th.  Our aim is to provide a single point of contact for families who can provide faster response times by answering questions and appropriately routing communication.

Cheryl Briscoe-Jones has been hired to fulfill this role.  Cheryl has experience as both a caregiver and a receptionist at Golden Pond. Although onboarding and training will likely take some time, I am confident in Cheryl’s ability to provide a much-needed resource to you and your family.  Cheryl will be your eyes and ears while you are unable to be with your loved ones.

The majority of this change will be handled internally.  However, if you would like to contact Cheryl directly, she can be reached at the following email address.

Thank you for your continued understanding during this difficult time. As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Ben Chandler