Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Family and friends,

I would like everyone to be aware of a process change taking place at Golden Pond.  COVID-19 has significantly limited the amount of in-person interaction families can have with their loved ones.  In turn, this has left administrative staff, including Chelsea and myself, to field an overwhelming number of calls and emails from family members seeking information.

In an attempt to increase staff efficiency and respond quicker to family concerns, we will be instituting a concierge service beginning on Monday, August 10th.  Our aim is to provide a single point of contact for families who can provide faster response times by answering questions and appropriately routing communication.

Cheryl Briscoe-Jones has been hired to fulfill this role.  Cheryl has experience as both a caregiver and a receptionist at Golden Pond. Although onboarding and training will likely take some time, I am confident in Cheryl’s ability to provide a much-needed resource to you and your family.  Cheryl will be your eyes and ears while you are unable to be with your loved ones.

The majority of this change will be handled internally.  However, if you would like to contact Cheryl directly, she can be reached at the following email address.

Thank you for your continued understanding during this difficult time. As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Ben Chandler

Family and Friends,

As I am sure many of you are aware, last night, the Colorado Department of Public Health released its guidance for outdoor visitation within residential care facilities.

Although the policy guidance closely aligns with our existing process, there are some changes to be aware of.

  • As instituted on 6/23, all visitors are required to schedule their visit prior to arriving at Golden Pond. Scheduling can take place through SignUp Genius or by contacting Reception. Appointments will be available between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.
  • Visits must take place in front of the building to the north side of the main entrance.  When you arrive, please remain outside until a staff member is available to escort you to a designated meeting area.
  • Before the visit, you will be asked to participate in a quick symptom screening, including a temperature check.  If you have experienced any of the following within the past 14 days, you will be asked to reschedule your visit.
    • Direct exposure to an individual with a confirmed or suspected Coronavirus infection.
    • Dry Cough
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Sore Throat
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Nausea/Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Muscle Aches or Chills
  • All visitors are required to wear a face mask or cloth covering and maintain 6 feet of separation between themselves and a resident.
  • The policy guidance will apply to Memory Care visitation as well.

For your reference, I’ve attached information regarding COVID-19 and how the spread of the virus I minimized. Additionally, I have included a link to the CDPHE COVID 19 Guidance for Residential Care Facilities Outdoor Visitation.

Although I certainly understand the burdensome nature of these policies, I thank you greatly for you cooperation and willingness to help protect our residents and staff members.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly.

Link to COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Link to CDPHE COVID-19 Guidance for Outdoor Visitation

Residents, friends, and family,

I recognize that It has been some time since I’ve provided a community-wide update on COVID-19. This is partially a result of increased individual communication with residents and family members.  More so, it is because there has been little if any new guidance provided by the county and state public health departments.

In a staggered way, the “Safer at Home” order has eased precautionary restrictions across the state of Colorado.  Unfortunately, many of these measures do not apply to long term care facilities.

Specifically, we are still unable to allow non-essential personnel into either Assisted Living or Independent Living.  Currently, only residents, staff members, and medically necessary individuals are granted entry to either building.  Communal dining and large group activities continue to be prohibited.

Understandably, over time, these restrictions have led to increased frustration from residents, staff, and family members.  While we continue to seek guidance and hope for a concreted path forward, please understand that our number one priority will always be the safety of every resident and staff member at Golden Pond.

In the meantime, I would encourage residents and family members to take advantage of video calling and scheduled outdoor meetings. We will continue to facilitate small group activities while providing snacks and drinks throughout the week.

I am excited to announce that we have scheduled a concert series with Randy Johnson. In a safe and socially distanced way, we are coordinating the event to take place for both Assisted Living and Independent Living residents over two nights.  More info to come.

Below I have attached a link to the CDPHE website, outlining current precautionary measures and any need-to-know information. Thank you again for your continued cooperation during this increasingly difficult time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly


Good afternoon families,

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is important that we make time for one and other while continuing to practice safe social distancing behaviors.  I’m sure many of you are making plans to video chat, or in-person chat with a loved one this weekend.

Although we are prepared to help facilitate in-person meetings, we would ask that you are mindful of the following processes and procedures.

  • In-person meetings should be scheduled through SignUp Genius between 10 am and 4 pm on Sunday, May 10thThe link is provided below.  Caregivers will ensure that the resident is outside at their scheduled time.
  • No more than two visitors per resident during a scheduled meeting.
  • To allow more residents time with their families, meetings should not last longer than 45 minutes.
  • Meals are not permitted.  Although you may certainly drop off groceries at Reception, please refrain from delivering pre-made food directly to a resident.
  • While spending time together, friends and family members should maintain 6 feet of separation between themselves and a resident.
  • Although face coverings are not required, they are highly recommended.
  • All in-person meetings will be weather permitting.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.  These are challenging times, and although we know how important Mothers Day is, we continue to place safety above all else. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day!

Residents, friends, and family,

As many of you know, Governor Jared Polis recently issued new state orders regarding the fight against Coronavirus. As of yesterday, 4/27, we entered Level 2 of the Governor’s plan, appropriately called “Safer at Home.”

Although Safer at Home eases some restrictions on non-critical businesses, it changes very little regarding the precautions that need to be taken to keep our residents and their family members safe.  The State now requires that many of the same precautions we have taken in Assisted Living, be extended to Independent Living

Although I have attached information from the most recent Safer at Home order, I would like to outline these precautions as well.

  • All essential individuals entering the premises must complete heath screening prior to entering the facility.
  • After screening, if an essential visitor is allowed into the facility, they must:
  • Limit their movement within the facility to the resident’s room
  • Limit surfaces touched
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment – gown, gloves, and mask
  • Limit physical contact with resident
  • Only two essential visitors per resident at a given time

In light of these regulations, I’ve outlined the following precautions in effect as of today.

  • Until further notice, friends, family, or any non-essential visitor will not be allowed to enter the building.
  • Any visitor that is required for the physical or mental well-being of a resident should be appropriately screened prior to entering the community.
  • To monitor this, we ask that all visitors enter the building at 1270 North Ford Street for proper screening.
  • Although keys and key fobs continue to work, the keypad has been disabled to prevent visitors from entering the building.
  • Additionally, we have installed a video doorbell at 1350 North Ford Street that visitors can ring if they need assistance.

Although I certainly understand how difficult this is on many of you, our number one priority is keeping residents safe.  It is critically important to recognize that these precautions are temporary.  Pending review, the most recent order is in effect through May 27th.

In the meantime, we will be providing some regularly scheduled food and refreshments in Independent Living. Specifically, a sweet treat bar will be set up in the Table Mountain room weekly, and we will offer alcoholic beverages door to door on Friday afternoons.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation during these incredibly difficult times.  As always, please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Link to Attachment:

Good Afternoon,

As many of you know, Colorado Governor, Jared Polis announced yesterday that the current Stay-At-Home order in effect through 4/26, will transition to less obstructive Safer-At-Home order, beginning on 4/27.

In light of this announcement, I have received communication from residents, families, and staff members interested to know how this order might change the precautions that we are taking at Golden Pond Retirement Community.

To be clear, the Safer-At-Home order does not loosen precautions being taken in long term care facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living communities. Vulnerable populations, including seniors, should continue to stay at home and adhere to strict precautions whenever possible.

We will continue to rely on the CDPHE, along with the Jefferson County Health Department, to guide our decision making. Additionally, as state orders and procedures continue to change, I will keep this audience updated.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during this incredibly challenging time. As always, I am available should you have any questions or concerns.  Have a great day!


Family, friends and residents,

We continue to rely on local health department guidance for all COVID-19 related precautions and procedures.  Although these measures have not significantly changed in recent weeks, I wanted to take a moment to provide a general update on the state of our community.

As of this memo, we have not identified a positive case of COVID-19 in any resident or staff member.  This is certainly positive news.  However, we continue to concern ourselves with the overall health and mental wellbeing of our residents.  It goes without saying that an extended isolation from friends and family, as well as limited physical activity can lead to unintended consequences.

In light of these concerns, and the prospect of continued quarantine, we feel that it is necessary to revisit our processes to ensure the best possible resident experience during these difficult times.  Additionally, we are looking at safe ways to incorporate more activities, both physical and mental, into the daily lives of our residents.

In the coming days, we will finalize an alternative activities calendar to include online entertainment, one-on-on physical activity, and additional opportunities for residents to safely interact with friends and family.  Outside of regularly scheduled meals, we are also looking at creative food and drink solutions that will generate resident excitement.

Finally, I would like to highlight a couple important pieces of information.

  • We have set up a dedicated scheduling site that will allow anyone to schedule a video chat without calling Golden Pond. Please use the link below when scheduling appointments. Any questions or concerns can still be addressed by calling reception.
  • In addition to WhatsApp, we will be adding the option to FaceTime with friends and family.  Stay tuned for more information.

Due to the risk involved with COVID-19, the CDPHE has recently asked us to provide residents and family members with the information below to help with end of life decisions.  This can be deeply personal, and we are committed to respecting the wishes of our residents.

As always, we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.

Friends, family and residents,

As of this afternoon, all Golden Pond staff members will be required to wear masks while at work.  Although outside providers have been asked to do this for time, we now have the inventory available to extend this precaution to our employees.

This measure is in alignment with best practices recently published by local and national public health entities and does not indicate that we are experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.  As of this communication, we do not have any staff members or residents diagnosed with Coronavirus.

I would also like to reinforce social distancing regulations within the community.  Although residents are welcome to leave their rooms and move throughout the community, it’s critical to maintain 6 feet of separation between one and other when doing so.

Finally, all independent residents and the family of those residents are encouraged to follow state quarantine orders.  As per executive order D 2020 0017,

“All Coloradans should stay home, subject to limited exceptions such as obtaining food and other household necessities, going to and from work as critical businesses, seeking medical care, caring for dependents or pets, or caring for vulnerable person in another location.”

We will continue to do our part in helping all residents adhere to these orders.  If there is a need for food or household items, we have arranged weekly drop-offs from retailers like Target, King Soopers and Safeway.  Please contact Reception to place an order.  Delivery fee and tip may apply.  Also, if you would like to discontinue housekeeping service, please contact Reception or Housekeeping for assistance.

As always, thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time. Please reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Family, friends, and residents

Good afternoon.  It’s been a few days since our last update, and I wanted to provide some communication on our COVID-19 response as it currently stands.

You may be aware that Jefferson County, along with Boulder County and Adams County enacted a stay-at-home order to begin tomorrow morning at 8 am.  This order requires all people in each county stay at their place of residence and that they make every effort possible to conduct only essential activities. Although this is not significantly different than public heath orders already in place, it does more to highlight the specific responsibility that we have as individuals to maintain social distancing precautions designed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

With that, I would like to remind everyone of the precautions that we have taken and ask that these continue to be adhered to until further notice.

  • All non-medically necessary visitors have been asked to postpone or cancel visits.  This is a Public Health Order and will be enforced in both Assisted Living and Memory Care.  It is strongly encouraged that our Independent Residents practice similar precautions.
  • Independent residents are not considered essential or medically necessary visitors and should refrain from entering Assisted Living.  We will continue to conduct wellness checks, order groceries, and provide individually requested meals for our Independent residents.
  • All staff members and medically necessary visitors will continue to be screened daily, using the CDPHE COVID-19 screening process.

To this point, we do not have any staff or residents exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and staffing levels remain strong.  In addition to the precautions outlined above, we remain committed to the physical and mental health of our residents during this challenging time.

  • Wellness staff are collecting resident vitals twice daily to monitor any change in baseline.
  • To encourage social distancing, all activities, inside or outside the building, have been postponed.  We continue to actively monitor both staff and resident’s adherence to 6 feet of separation.
  • Last week we announced a video conferencing solution that families can leverage to interact with loved ones.  This has been extremely popular and can be used through Assisted Living or Memory Care.  If you are interested in scheduling a resident/family chat, please contact reception for assistance.
  • Assisted Living residents that do not have a phone may request a landline handset be installed in their room at no cost.
  • We will continue to deliver groceries to both Assisted and Independent residents upon request.

I greatly appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time. As always, we will continue to provide the best possible care for the residents of Golden Pond.  If you should have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Residents, Family and Friends,

As you are aware, the State of Colorado recently issued an order restricting the types of visitors that we can allow into our building.  Order 20-20 permits ONLY medically necessary visitors,  and is designed to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes, long term care facilities and assisted living communities.  We fully understand that these precautions will create anxiety with residents and family, no longer able to communicate person to person.  For this reason, we have implemented a mobile video chat system that can be in any room throughout the community.  Friends and family can now contact Reception and request a time to conference with a resident.  Below, I’ve outline a handful of stipulations, including the process of conducting a chat.

  • Once the application has been downloaded, please contact Reception to schedule a time to conference with a resident.
  • Chats will be scheduled one per hour, and should be kept to roughly 30 minutes.

Additionally, any Assisted Living or Memory Care resident that does not currently have a phone, but would like one can request this service with Reception.



Residents, friends, and families

I understand that it can be challenging to keep up with the influx of information being disseminated around our COVID-19 response.  For this reason, I would like to highlight some of the more critical precautions that we are taking while addressing additional proactive measures that may be considered in the future.

As of 3/16/2020, the following safety measures have been instituted by Golden Pond Retirement Community:

  • All non-essential visitors have been asked to postpone or cancel visits. Staff members and visitors that are essential (hospice, PT/OT, homehealth, med/supply delivery) will be required to complete the CDPHE COVID-19 screening form before entry into the community 
  • To encourage social distancing, all activities, inside or outside the building, have been postponed.  Additionally, all communal dining services have been temporarily halted 
  • New resident admissions or re-admissions will require a practitioner’s sign-off that they are not experiencing signs and symptoms of respiratory illness and/or a negative test results for COVID-19 
  • The fire door in the breezeway between Assisted Living and Independent living has been closed to prevent any potential COVID-19 spread between communities 
  • We strongly recommend that all residents, independent or otherwise, refrain from any unnecessary outings and stay within the confines of the community 
  • Although residents are free to move throughout the community, it is encouraged that they maintain 6 feet of separation between themselves and other residents.

While we are adequately staffed and prepared to provide appropriate care to all of our residents, it is important to consider the ripple effect of a potential outbreak or a staffing shortage.  Is it feasible for families to bring their loved ones home for an extended period of time?

I want to reiterate that we ARE NOT asking families to make this decision now, but to be prepared should it be recommended in the future.

POA’s and family members can be confident that we are taking exceptional care of our residents, and that we will be in contact with you immediately, should your loved ones become symptomatic of COVID-19.  As always, no news is good news!

Thank you for supporting our efforts during this very trying time.  We’ll continue to provide updated information at



Good afternoon,     

Last night, the CDC released updated measures to protect residents and staff from the potential spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Specifically, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care facilities and Assisted Living communities are advised to cancel all communal dining and all group activities, such as internal and external activities.

In light of these recommendations, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily halt the following activities and events.

  • All group activities, to include movies, bingo, sit and be fit, etc.
  • All communal dining services to include breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room.

Similar to the process that was employed during a recent Norovirus outbreak, we will be providing room tray service, three times daily, to all Assisted Living residents.  Independent residents are welcome to contact reception to place orders.

In an attempt to provide more efficient service and a better overall experience, we will be delivering menus daily, that will list the next day’s meal options.  These should be filled out and returned to your caregiver or reception no later than 8pm.

To ensure the health and safety of both Assisted Living and Independent Living residents, we have also initiated a temporary separation of the two communities. As of 03/16/2020, the fire door in the breezeway between AL and IL will be closed.  Independent residents can still seek assistance, medical or otherwise, by leveraging the pull-cord in their rooms or contacting reception. Also, we continue to strongly encourage Independent residents limit visitors only to those that are medically necessary.

Please understand that these measures are not taken lightly, and that our singular focus is the safety of our residents and our staff members.  Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.



Good morning,
Yesterday afternoon, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a Public Health Order restricting visitors at all Colorado skilled nursing homes, assisted living residences and intermediate care facilities.
In light of these regulations, we believe it pertinent to provide residents and resident families with a comprehensive look at Golden Pond policies and procedures regarding COVID-19. (Coronavirus).
As always, this information is subject to change and can be referenced at

Golden Pond Policies & Procedures re: COVID-19

Policy: Community Visitors

Date Updated: 3/12/2020

Procedure: All non-essential visitors will be asked to postpone or cancel visits.  Essential visitors (hospice, PT/OT, homehealth, med/supply delivery) are to check in and complete the required CDPHE Form.   Positive answers to the screening questions and/or a noted temperature above 99 degrees will prohibit entry to the community.  Once cleared, visitors are required to:

  • Limit their movement within the facility to the resident’s room
  • Limit surfaces touched
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) – gown, gloves and
  • mask
  • Limit physical contact with resident
  • There can only be two essential visitors per resident at a given time.

Policy: Staff Monitoring & Attendance

Date Updated: 3/13/2020

Procedure: Staff will be monitored at the beginning of each shift by the lead and/or most senior staff.  Staff will also need to complete the required CDPHE Form.   Positive answers to the screening questions and/or a noted temperature above 99 degrees will result in the staff member being sent home.

Policy: Resident Admission / Re-Admission

Date Updated: 3/13/2020

Procedure: New resident admissions or re-admissions will require a practitioner’s sign-off that they are not experiencing signs and symptoms of respiratory illness and/or negative test result for COVID-19.  Upon admission, residents will be encouraged to self-quarantine in their room for a period of time consistent with the most recent incubation timeline published by the CDC. 

Policy: Employee COVID-19 Testing

Date Updated: 3/13/2020

Procedure: Employees that are suspected to be infected with COVID-19 will be sent home and/or asked to self-quarantine.

Policy: Dining Room Attendance

Date Updated: 3/13/2020

Procedure: Prior to entry, residents will be evaluated for respiratory symptoms and fever.  Residents with suspected illness will be asked to dine in their private residence and food will be delivered.

Policy: Resident Activities

Date Updated: 3/12/2020

Procedure: Group activities where social distancing is not possible and all activities outside the community have been postponed.  Alternate activities will be implemented when possible.

Policy: Suspected Resident COVID-19 Infection

Date Updated: 3/13/2020

Procedure: Follow the cited CDPHE guidance below.

If a resident exhibits symptoms associated with the coronavirus, take the following steps:

  1. Place the person in a private room with a closed door. Wait for guidance from the health department. Minimize the number of people who enter the room; ideally ONE healthcare person should be assigned or dedicated to working with that resident. This minimizes the risk of transmission to other residents and staff.
  2. Notify your local public health department or contact your state health department. To contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Call Center at 303-692-2700.
  3. Further restrict visitation after consultation with the local public health agency.
  4. Maintain a log of visitors and staff interacting with a patient who is isolated forpresumptive or confirmed COVID-19.
  5. Identify the staff who interacted with the resident and resident’s environment.
  6. Restrict all internal group activities to prevent infection exposure to other residents.
  7. Immediately contact the resident’s primary care physician and, if applicable, notify the resident’s family as soon as practicable. (The emergency COVID-19 funding includes waivers on some Medicare restrictions on telehealth, so you may be able to avoid going to the doctor’s office.)
  8. Follow HIPAA guidelines and protect the confidentiality of the individual wherever possible.



Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

Golden Pond is committed to the health and well being of our residents and employees.  We will continue to work closely with the CDC and local public health departments to implement preventive measures designed to reduce the risk of a COVID-19. (Coronavirus) Below is a comprehensive list of precautions currently being taken by our community:

  • Until further notice, we are encouraging all people, including family members and loved ones, to suspend any medically unnecessary or non-essential visits.
  • Any non-resident entering the building will be screened and subject to a temperature check. Those that temp above 99 degrees, will not be allowed in the building
  • All resident and non-resident visitors must enter the building through the main entrance
  • As communicated 3/11/2020, many group activities, including Happy Hour have been cancelled indefinitely. Additionally, this includes activities such as shopping and attending religious services
  • All residents will be subject to a temperature check upon entering the dining room. We reserve the right to have residents return to their rooms, if we feel that they are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Until further notice, we will not provide any self-serve food throughout the community. We will continue to supply pre-packaged snacks and drinks in the Bistro
  • We strongly encourage that all residents avoid unnecessary outings and stay within the confines of the community

We will continue to regularly update Golden Pond residents and family members through email.  However, you can review all COVID-19 related updates at

As always, if you are exhibiting the symptoms below, please contact a staff member immediately.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Severe acute lower respiratory illness




Dear residents, families, and friends


As I’m sure you are aware, the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Public Health departments across the country are working tirelessly to halt the spread of COVID-19. (Coronavirus)

Not only are we committed to the recommendations of these organizations, but we’ve partnered closely with the Jefferson County Public Health Department to implement many precautions necessary to protect our residents and our employees.

A consistent recommendation from the CDC, regarding elders, is eliminating large group gatherings and avoiding activities such as shopping and attending religious services.  For this reason, we will be temporarily suspending such activities until further notice.  Although we have attached an updated March activities calendar, I would like to highlight some notable activities that have been canceled for the remainder of the month.

  • Shopping: Target, King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart, etc.
  • Church Transportation
  • Recreational Center
  • Off-site meals
  • Happy Hour/Resident Entertainment

I can assure you that we fully understand the impact this will have on our community and the inconvenience that it places on our residents and their families.  That said, your safety is our singular concern.

In an attempt to ease this burden, we will be providing a streamlined approach to grocery shopping on your behalf. Please place all grocery orders with Reception on Thursday of each week.  These orders will be delivered the same day and charged to your next billing statement.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that these measures are temporary.  We will continue to leverage all available resources to make the best decisions for the health and safety of our residents.  As new information emerges and risk has decreased, we will quickly resume regularly scheduled events and activities.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and please reach out with any questions,


March 6, 2020

Re: Important Message Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Residents, Families and Friends-

With the abundance of news coverage and alerts regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share with this Community the steps and actions we are taking to address this developing situation.  First and foremost, we are following the direction and guidance provided by local and national health agencies.  This includes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Jefferson County Public Health.  We are also aware that multiple tests have come back positive within the state and we will continue to monitor the latest published statistics.

Our top priority is the wellbeing of all Golden Pond residents, family members and staff.  We have created a task force comprised of executive leadership, management company leadership and an outside nurse consulting group to spearhead this effort.  This task force is meeting regularly and has already started to implement proactive infection control measures to prepare for any possible outbreaks.  These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing our Community inventory of personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, etc.)
  • Purchasing a commercial grade decontamination sprayer approved by the EPA to fight COVID-19
  • Installing a number of new hand sanitation stations around the community and high trafficked areas
  • Auditing and training staff on proper hand hygiene practices
  • Training staff to recognize early signs and symptoms of respiratory illnesses

In addition, we will be asking residents that show any signs and/or symptoms of a respiratory illnesses to stay in their residences, to refrain from participating in Community events and to avoid eating in the dining room.  Staff and visitors that show signs and symptoms of respiratory illness will be asked to stay home or to wear proper protective equipment.

Should any infection issues arise with specific residents, members of this team will be directly contacting families and responsible parties.  For any Community wide updates on this topic, we will be sending out additional letters and updates on the Golden Pond website at

In sharing this information with you today, our intention is to provide factual information about coronavirus and tips on reducing the spread of disease.  As an additional resource, enclosed are useful facts and resources published by the CDC.


Golden Pond Management