What Questions Should You Ask When Visiting A Memory Care Center?

Questions to Ask Before Visiting a Memory Care Center

Memory care is long-term medical care that helps patients to meet their health needs. It is medical care given to patients suffering from memory problems. Some of these memory problems include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

When patients visit a memory care center, they must make inquiries. Some of these questions will help them decide on the best care plan. It also helps in choosing the best specialist.

Are rooms private or semi-private?

Memory care centers have units set aside for patients, which can either be private or semi-private. The center has a program that helps patients in making a choice. It also depends on the patient’s level of illness and how serious they need medical attention.

Sometimes, the large number of patients means they can not all get private rooms. Private rooms are suitable for patients who want silence and solace. However, some patients like interacting with other people. Patients must inquire about the type of rooms offered and decide on the best.

Are there differences in pricing?

According to the 2021 NIC statistics, the pricing of a memory care monthly plan is $6,935 in the U.S. It is more than assisted living, which is $5,380 monthly. However, the pricing is not constant as it depends on the state, country, medical center, and memory care level.

Concerning private and semi-private rooms, the pricing can be different. Private rooms are more expensive compared to semi-private. Therefore, the choice of which room to get will also depend on the affordability of the patient. It is essential to ask about the prices so the patient can be financially ready.

How secure is the community?

The level of security is very crucial in a memory care center. Patients may sometimes wander around the compound and go to unsafe places. Also, it does not mean the patient should be locked up in an enclosed area. Therefore, it is crucial to question the facility’s safety before signing up.

How often are laundry and housekeeping done?

Cleanliness is essential for memory care patients. The patient’s loved ones need to inquire how clean the room is to ensure the best comfort level for the patient.

Is there a grouping of residents based on memory/cognitive level?

This is an important question to ask when visiting a memory care center. Depending on the memory level, the grouping will depend on the facility, patient’s records, and the doctor. The patient needs to be mentally prepared to receive their medication. Make sure you schedule a tour as it will help the patient decide.

All these questions are necessary to ask when visiting a memory care center. It helps make the patient mentally ready on what to expect.