What Are the Best Free Mobile Apps to Help with Senior Care?

Bets Mobile Apps For Seniors

Information technology keeps making our daily life more comfortable and manageable. Regardless of age or gender, there is something for everyone. The exchange of information through smartphones, tablets, and other smart mobile devices helps resolve different issues.

Take, for instance, senior care management through mobile Apps.

The Apps help manage social interaction, get health news updates, track health and wellness, manage medications, and many others.

While senior care Apps help get essential updates, appointments, a record of activities, and medication reminders, it’s vital to understand what you need.

Caregiving Apps usage is growing in managing loved one’s care and disease-specific for conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, to name just a few.

Here are some of the best free mobile apps to consider under specific categories. The categories include medication tracking, preparation, monitoring, communication, and organization.

Medication Tracking Apps


This easy to use App connects caregivers and healthcare providers to the same account. It also offers reminders for medication, refills, and progress reports.

Medisafe is freely available at Google Play and the App Store.

Monitoring Apps

These apps help to manage progress remotely, letting caregivers and health providers respond promptly.


It helps senior caregivers monitor a person’s needs remotely without being intrusive. The mobile application can be linked to wearable devices such as a smartwatch.

They help caregivers monitor heart rate, sleep, medication, weight, glucose, and calorie intake.

eCare21 lets care providers provide proactive care from miles away.

Preparation Apps

Preparation Apps helps mostly in a step-by-step guide during an emergency.

First Aid app by American Red Cross

The First Aid App is designed mainly to give concise CPR and first aid guidelines in case of an emergency. It is vital for senior caregivers.

You can also conveniently call 9-1-1 or find the nearest hospital within the App.

For more details, get it freely at Apple Store or Google Play.

Organization and Communication Apps

Here a care provider can share a client’s data by uploading or entering manually.

The information exchanged here includes contacts, medical files, insurance, medication data, advance directives from health providers, and connecting with friends for support securely.

CareZone App

This free care-based App is available at Google Play and App and Store. It is designed to securely invite family and friends to be part of a loved one’s care.

The App is excellent for sharing and storing information securely without compromising confidentiality.

You can store all the pertinent data on this App, create a to-do list, organize medication details, and automate pharmacy workflows.

The workflows include prescription transfer, customer communications, and other onboard services.

MedHelper App

MedHelper is user friendly in care plan management. It provides an ecosystem encouraging better health outcomes.

You can connect with friends to receive support and share healthcare plans with family and health care professionals.

Lotsa Helping Hands

With Lotsa Helping Hands, people create an environment of care around loved ones. It lets you invite volunteers, friends, family, care professionals in senior care management.

You can also leave encouraging messages for loved ones in the provided section called Helping Hands.

However, this App is only available for iPhone and iPad freely. It is not available on Android.

Understanding the appropriate App for senior care management may require professional guidance. Visit Golden Pond Retirement Community for more information and guidance.