What are the Best Foods for Seniors to Beat the Winter Blues?


The seasons change and so do our moods. As the days get shorter during the winter, our motivation and mental may change. This change also affects seniors. Altering your diet during the winter can be beneficial for treating making your mood better and fighting SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in people of all ages including seniors. SAD is a type of depression that appears during the winter season. It is believed that the changing seasons cause people with this condition to experience feelings of intense sadness and anxiety. SAD is a common characteristic of clinical depression. It can trigger various symptoms such as mood swings, loss of interest in activities, and disrupted sleep. Like most mental health issues, there are ways to manage. 

Check Your Vitamin D

The safest way to prevent or treat deficiency is to ensure that a senior eats a diet that includes fortified vitamin D. Vitamin D is a substance found in the body that’s produced when we’re exposed to sunlight. It is known to reduce stress and improve mood when taken as part of a regular diet. This vitamin can be obtained naturally by eating certain kinds of fish, eggs, and cheese. A blood test can diagnose vitamin D deficiency, but this usually requires a lot of time and effort to manage. It can also be difficult to determine the proper dosage for each person. Vitamin D deficiency is a common issue for older adults. It can affect a person’s health and appearance, and it can cause fatigue, muscle pain, and depression. For seniors, insufficient vitamin D can lead to the development of osteopenia.

What’s the Best Way for Your Senior Loved One to Take Vitamin D?

There are few foods that are naturally rich in vitamin D. However, some of these are fortified with the vitamin. Getting enough vitamin D is difficult since eating enough food is hard. Vitamin D is the primary source of energy for the skin. Many people have insufficient levels due to their environment or their lack of sun exposure.

Fish liver oil and fatty fish are the best sources of vitamin D. Eggs, cheese, and beef liver are also good sources. Certain mushrooms also contain high levels of vitamin D2. Below are a few foods that are rich in Vitamin D: 

  • Tuna
  • Cod liver oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Salmon
  • Swordfish
  • Sardines
  • Beef liver

Drink Coffee, Black, and Green Tea

Drinking Tea for Elderly Mental Health

Drinking coffee regularly can also help people suffering from SAD. It can also provide a boost to their mood. If you’re feeling anxious after a cup of coffee, try drinking green tea. It has the calming properties of L-theanine and can help lower stress. Also, tea can help manage weight loss, improve brain function, and protect against prostate cancer in senior men. 

Planning Meals

At Golden Pond, we have a chef on-site that prepares meals with seasonality in mind. We invite you to schedule a tour and lunch is on us to give our food a try.