What are Best Workouts Winter Workouts to Beat Winter Weather?

Active Seniors

When it’s cold outside, you might curl up on the couch and enjoy a good book or watch a movie. However, what happens once you’re finished? Although it’s cold outside, staying active is important for everyone. Not only are seniors more likely to get injured if they don’t exercise, but they also tend to feel better when they do as long as they do it safely.

If your loved one has been inactive for a long time, start by talking to your doctor about your activities and goals. Having a regular exercise routine is also important to maintain good health. Below are a few exercises your senior loved one can do to beat the grasp of old man winter. 


Performing dance has been shown to be a powerful form of exercise that can help keep the brain and body healthy. Before going to class, warm up by stretching and performing slow movements. Doing so can help get the muscles warmed up. Performing dance strengthens most of the body’s muscles because it does so by moving the body in such a way that it requires its muscles to resist weight. It allows people to perform daily tasks with less risk of injury. Dancing can also improve your bone density can burns calories. 

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a low-impact exercise that improves flexibility and muscle strength. It’s also beneficial for seniors due to its low-stress levels. Chair yoga also has been shown to improve the mental health of older adults. Participants have lower instances of depression and better quality sleep.


Pilates is great for everyone, especially seniors. As your loved ones get older, they may notice the various changes in their bodies, but core strength and flexibility are still very important parts of a healthy and balanced life. Doing a couple of weeks of beginner Pilates is enough to notice a change in the body’s strength and flexibility. 

There are six main principles according to pilates experts:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Center
  • Flow
  • Precision
  • Breath

For seniors, the six principles of Pilates can be combined with low-impact options to create a truly effective senior exercise. One of these is the reduction of aches and pains. Keep in mind that most pilates exercises can be done in a chair as well. 


Getting active is one of the least stressful activities for seniors. However, for some, walking is a harder task than others, and their goals can vary. A study conducted by PLOS One revealed that walking 10,000 steps a day can help lower a person’s mortality risk by almost 50%. It can also improve one’s health and reduce one’s risk of various illnesses.

Safety is key when it comes to walking as a senior as well. To avoid getting stuck in a crowded area, avoid places that have fast-moving pedestrians and stay in well-lit areas.


Water aerobics has become a popular form of exercise for seniors due to its benefits for joint pain and other forms of arthritis. Swimmers benefit from the buoyancy of the water, which helps in relieving joint stress. Swimming also helps improve strength and balance. It can also decrease falls. Getting in the pool regularly can be a great way to stay active and mentally focused as you get older.

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