Things You Should Know About Uber and Lyft for Seniors

Many older adults have trouble finding a convenient mode of transportation. With age, driving can become complicated, and public transport is not suitable. It is an excellent idea to let someone else take the wheel and help you reach your destination. Uber and Lyft are some of the most popular apps for rides.

Most seniors know about these apps but may not understand how they work. The article will explain some of the essential facts about Uber and Lyft.

They Are Both Safer than Public Transportation

Both Uber and Lyft are safe options for getting from one point to another. Some of the safety options that Uber has added include the following;

  • Verification of car and driver. This way, it is possible to know the type of car that will be picking you up. You also get a picture of your driver, so you know who will be picking you up. This feature reduces your chances of getting into the wrong car.
  • Share My Trip is a feature that allows you to share the route that your Uber driver is taking. It makes it possible for your loved ones to know where you are and the details of your Uber
  • Uber’s insurance protection covers all rides
  • Uber protects your privacy will never reveal your cell phone number.
  • Lyft also has safety features including the following;
  • A new rider and driver education program
  • Constant background checks for all new drivers
  • A redesigned app to highlight the details of a ride better. It should include the car photo, the photo of your driver, and license plate.

Both Lyft and Uber are a lot safer than taxis or public means of transportation. Even though there is always the possibility of danger, Uber and Lyft are relatively safe.

Using Uber Without a Smartphone

If a senior is unable to access a smartphone, they can still access Uber services. If you are trying to help an older adult get their Uber, you may arrange a ride for them. They may also arrange for their app through a web browser. If you want to arrange a ride for them, follow these steps.

  • Download the app and sign up
  • Enter the contact information of the older adult
  • Enter the address where you want your older friend or relative to be picked
  • Click on the option ‘Someone else’ and then chooses the contact of your loved one from your contact list
  • Enter the destination address and confirm it
  • Make your request for the ride
  • Your loved one will receive a text including the name and photo of your driver.

Requesting Lyft or Uber Using Your Computer

It is possible to request for both Uber and Lyft using your computer. Most older adults may have a computer even if they do not have a smartphone. Ordering a rideshare can be a great way to meet their transportation needs.

In this fast-paced world, there are plenty of ways to get around. Even though public transportation systems may have plenty of discounts, they are not convenient for seniors. Uber and Lyft drivers make things easy for you. They pick you up from your address and drop you off at your destination.

Before you start using your Uber or Lyft, you must sign up with a ride program. For shared rides, you must sign up for a rideshare program. Both Lyft and Uber apps are free on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When your app is downloaded, you can open it and start using it.