Improve Your Memory and Prevent Alzheimer’s with These Five Foods

Memory care and brain function are important. From playing memory games to learning facts to entertain, keeping our memories sharp is a significant aspect of our lives. Although many do not relate good memory to the foods we eat, food offers many benefits for improving brain function.

As we age, it’s important to look at retirement living that cares about nutrition. Today, senior care in Denver is more important than ever. With 5.5 million Americans over the age of 65 having Alzheimer’s, it’s crucial to know how to prevent it, since as of now, there’s no cure for it.

We can improve brain function in a variety of ways, but one of the tastiest ways is by eating these five healthy foods. From liquid, too salty to sweet, there is something for everyone in these common people pleasers.

Prevent Alzheimer’s with These Five Foods


Blueberries and strawberries protect the brain from free radicals which have been linked to causing memory loss. To make this snack as nutritious as possible, do not add sugar to it. The natural wonders of the fruit know how to work their magic against this degenerative disease.  

Cruciferous Vegetables

 Brussel sprouts, kale, bok choy, etc., are said to contain carotenoids which help lower the substances linked to brain degeneration. Whether you have your greens as a smoothie or a salad, you can’t beat the health benefits they provide.

Green Tea

 It seems like with the passing of time, there’s yet another benefit linked to green tea. According to research, people are finding that this magic beverage not only helps to reduce Alzheimer’s but may have the power to reverse it.  


 A healthy piece of salmon contains Omega 3s, which have been linked to lower the concentration of beta-amyloid associated with Alzheimer’s. Sure, Omega 3 supplements will also do, but why not make it a delicious meal and enjoy this delightful gift of the sea?


 Going back to basics has its health benefits. This simplest of beverages helps circulate our blood and flush out toxins of our bodies, including our brain, in order to clean our system.

Who Didn’t Make the List?

We’d love to tell you that dark chocolate and other sweets made the list. However, and especially in the case of dark chocolate, we hesitate.

While some studies do show that dark chocolate is good for us, we’d have to eat so much of it in order to positively affect our brain function, that the exchange of chocolate versus sugar may not be worth it. To be sure, we only recommend a little bit of dark chocolate for indulgences, not for the purposes of fending off the disease.

Who Are We?

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