How to Keep Healthy Over 65 in Assisted Living

How to Keep Healthy Over 65 in Assisted Living

Assisted Living can improve health and happiness for any senior living in Golden. It offers a secure setting, supervised nutrition, socialization opportunities, and independence.

While the immune system weakens with aging, it’s possible to enhance one’s immunity through a healthy lifestyle. Adopting the following healthy habits will help keep an aging immune system robust for as long as possible

Get Enough Sleep

Regular waking and insomnia at nighttime are common among people above 65 years of age. Turn the lights down in the evening to ignite drowsiness and ensure the bedroom is comfy, cool and quiet. Doctors recommend getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night for optimum rest and alertness.

Avoid Smoking

Quitting smoking is a critical step in enhancing one’s health and combating aging. Smoking is a dangerous habit that can lead to cancer, stroke or heart failure. Additionally, it can cause erectile dysfunction in men because of atherosclerosis and excessive wrinkling by distorting skin elasticity. Smoking is also known to cause lung inflammation, which may lead to other illnesses like flu and pneumonia.

Protect Your Joints

The bones tend to lose their strength with increase in age. But even in senior age, taking the proper measures can help to prevent accidental falls and fractures. A person above 65 years can protect their joints by staying active but avoiding high impact exercises. Staying physically active alleviates depression and enhances energy and memory.

Furthermore, eating a diet rich in calcium, Vitamin D and protein boosts the health of muscles and bones. Going for regular eye and ear tests can help to promote proper mobility and balance.

Keep Learning

Learning new things is critical for seniors. It’s an excellent way to keep one’s mind and body active and healthy. Keeping the brain active during old age is essential because it helps to reduce the risk of memory loss. Learning something new also helps to boost self-esteem and happiness. When a person learns a new skill, they feel stronger and more confident. Moreover, continuous learning is also a perfect way to meet new people e.g., at a language class.

Doing crossword puzzles, reading, and writing, and taking up new hobbies can stimulate the mind and allow for more socialization. Such activities can also ward off deterioration in mental health.

Eat Healthy Fats

Fats and oils are an important part of a balanced diet and play crucial roles in the human body. However, fat can impact the cardiovascular system positively or negatively, depending on the amount consumed and the type of fat. Seniors should not eat too much-saturated fat, trans fats or cholesterol. Such fats may increase the risk of heart ailments.

They should instead turn to vegetable oils, fish and nuts for healthier fats. The fats in such foods can help to decrease the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it’s essential to go for lean meats and low-fat dairy products.

Make Prevention a Priority

Preventative care visits for health screenings for levels of cholesterol, colon cancer, cardiovascular problems, etc., are essential for seniors. They also need to get vaccinations that help to guard against influenza and pneumonia.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

The risk for cavities also goes up in old age. Additionally, multiple oral infections can lead to serious health conditions like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the elderly should go for dental checkups every six months.

Following the above tips could go a long way in keeping the immune system healthy even as one grows older. Find out more about healthy living during senior years.