How the Mediterranean Diet Helps Improve Health as You Age

While the majority of people with Alzheimer’s in the US are over 65, there are about 200,000 younger individuals who have been diagnosed with the disease. Researchers believe that lifestyle changes can help prevent or delay the development of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people with the condition may live for up to eight years. Some individuals live a long life expectancy. It’s good news for people who have watched a loved one get sick from Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this devastating illness, and drug treatments can’t prevent its progression. One thing that can help reduce your chances of 

The Mediterranean Diet Breakdown and Benefits 

The Mediterranean diet is high in fruits, vegetables, cereals, and dairy. It is also low in fat and cholesterol and has a moderate consumption of alcohol. During the 1960s, research revealed that regular participants in this diet had a lower risk of heart attacks.

Reduces Heart Disease

One of the most important factors that people consider when it comes to choosing a healthy diet is heart health. The Mediterranean diet is known for being heart-friendly. A 2016 study revealed that following a Mediterranean diet can help lower the risk of heart disease. The researchers also estimated that eating a Mediterranean diet could prevent up to 4% of heart disease cases. A study conducted by researchers revealed that following a Mediterranean diet can lower a person’s risk of experiencing a heart attack or experiencing a stroke.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

The Mediterranean diet is known to provide a variety of nutrients to your body, including healthy fats and vegetables, according to registered dietician and diabetes care specialist Nicole Bereolos. In a previous study, scientists compared the effects of different diets on blood sugar control. They found that following a Mediterranean diet led to better blood sugar control than those on low-carbohydrate, vegan, and high-protein diets. The Mediterranean diet can also help lower blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health. It can also help people lose weight and lower their cholesterol levels.

Potential Cancer Prevention

There are other key benefits of the Mediterranean diet. It’s also been shown to protect against cancer. A 2017 review of over 20 studies concluded that a Mediterranean diet can help prevent various types of cancer. The study noted that the diet’s effect is mainly due to the high intake of fruits and vegetables. Another study conducted in 2015 revealed that following a Mediterranean diet could help prevent breast cancer in women. It found that a diet rich in olive oil could significantly reduce the risk of the disease.


The Mediterranean diet is a great choice for people who love healthy eating and are looking for a variety of nutrients. It’s very flexible and doesn’t rely on calorie counting. The Mediterranean diet is very popular among people who do not want to give up on their wine consumption.