How to Find the Best Recreation Programs for Seniors

Senior Activities - Golden Pond Retirement Community

When looking for senior care in Denver for your family member, it’s important to keep in mind that an active retirement community will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Many retirement communities offer recreation programs for seniors, ensuring that seniors stay active in their third act.

We’ve put together the top five most enjoyable recreation programs that keep seniors healthy and active. Look for these activities when looking for senior care in Denver:

1. Restorative yoga

Yoga isn’t just about how flexible someone is or how long one can hold that very difficult Vinyasa pose. Restorative yoga is a gentle stretch, giving the body the flexibility needed, while lightly working muscles and organs. It’s one of the best ways to start or end the day, as circulation improves in the body and the body relaxes into each pose.

2. Walking in Nature

This is highly likely something that seniors did before being a part of an assisted living community and there’s no reason to stop. Many assisted living facilities to have an outdoor space or walking path, or transportation to get to nature. A body in motion remains in motion and what better way to do it than to enjoy our Colorado nature? You may even spot a bird or two and enjoy bird watching while breathing in the intermountain fresh air.

3. Dancing

Dancing is an excellent way to make friends and be with other like-minded seniors. In addition to being fun and burning calories, it’s yet another way to stay active. Even if it is slow dancing, this activity is a favorite of many adults especially because it can be shared with others. 

4. Volunteer at a Local Community Event

Volunteering at any age gives people a sense of purpose, belonging, and community. There are community gardens that can use the gentle hands of seniors to pot plants, water flowers, or oversee the flowers to ensure they’re blooming as they should. Additionally, many local events require volunteers to hand out pamphlets or information about upcoming events. This is a great way to meet other senior volunteers and make friends!

5. Adult Coloring

Adult coloring has become quite popular lately and this is why: It gives the mind something to focus on, keeping it active while staying present and aware of the motion of the hands. Because the movement of the hands is involved, it keeps the upper body active which is important when aging. Coloring makes use of the kinesthetic abilities while creating something beautiful.

What Activities Are Offered At Golden Pond? 

We are Golden Pond Retirement Community, a premier community for senior care in Denver. We offer assisted living, in addition to memory care and independent living. We care about our senior citizens and want to give them the respectable living conditions they deserve while providing them with adult activities they can enjoy. Contact us to schedule a tour today!