Benefits of Assisted Living

Why is Assisted Living a Good Option?

While many people think of assisted living as a way to age in place, many of the benefits it provides are still not available to those who stay in their homes. There are a variety of reasons to consider assisted living communities for your loved one. What is Assisted Living? With the evolution of assisted […]

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How the Mediterranean Diet Helps Improve Health as You Age

While the majority of people with Alzheimer’s in the US are over 65, there are about 200,000 younger individuals who have been diagnosed with the disease. Researchers believe that lifestyle changes can help prevent or delay the development of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people with the condition may live […]

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What are the Best Foods for Seniors to Beat the Winter Blues?

The seasons change and so do our moods. As the days get shorter during the winter, our motivation and mental may change. This change also affects seniors. Altering your diet during the winter can be beneficial for treating making your mood better and fighting SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in people of all ages including seniors. […]

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When you are overwhelmed with too many material things but never seem to get rid of them, you can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the clutter. Taking a minimalist approach can improve your mental health

5 Ways Minimalism Helps With Your Mental Health.

If you are tired of owning a lot of “stuff,” but you cannot seem to part with it, minimalism can help you. When many people think of minimalism, they envision a home with stark, light-colored walls, sparse furnishings, and no personality. However, a better way to look at minimalism is getting rid of the things […]

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Senior Activities - Golden Pond Retirement Community

How to Find the Best Recreation Programs for Seniors

When looking for senior care in Denver for your family member, it’s important to keep in mind that an active retirement community will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Many retirement communities offer recreation programs for seniors, ensuring that seniors stay active in their third act. We’ve put together the top five most enjoyable recreation programs […]

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Bets Mobile Apps For Seniors

What Are the Best Free Mobile Apps to Help with Senior Care?

Information technology keeps making our daily life more comfortable and manageable. Regardless of age or gender, there is something for everyone. The exchange of information through smartphones, tablets, and other smart mobile devices helps resolve different issues. Take, for instance, senior care management through mobile Apps. The Apps help manage social interaction, get health news […]

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