4 Ways to Maintain Positive Mental Health While Social Distancing

We need one another. During these times of unrest and social distancing, feeling connected to our friends and loved ones is challenging. Being isolated for long periods of time proves to have a prolonged negative impact on your mental health that includes depression and anxiety. Including the worries that come with the risk of contracting COVID-19 or passing the virus along to the others asymptotically. What will happen with my loved ones if I get sick? All of these questions and concerns arise when we’re faced with a pandemic.

There are few things we truly have control over and one of the them is developing positive habits that affect our mental health. Social distancing physically doesn’t mean we have to distance from a family member in a senior living facility,

Use Video Conferencing Tools

Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype are just a few different tools you can use to connect with your loved ones at Golden Pond Retirement Community. Does your loved one have a smartphone? You can also use Facetime to connect if they’re using a smartphone. Patiently walk them through the installation process if your loved one doesn’t have any of the apps installed and they’ll be up and running before you know it.

Avoid Watching News Sources That Cause Anxiety

Watching the news on the television or listening to the news on the radio may make you feel anxious depressed. Being informed is important, but news overload can have serious negative mental health consequences. Utilize reliable sources like the Washington State Department of Health or the CDC no more than a few times a day.

Have a Daily Routine

At Golden Pond,  we help our residents plan their day with activities planned throughout the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with establishing a routine. Does your loved one have mental health vulnerabilities? Establishing a routine especially helps those with existing mental health issues.

Know When to Social Distance

Medical experts identify COVID-19 as a virus that transmits from droplets in the air or with direct contact on surfaces. Social distancing is one of the only ways to fully protect yourself and loved ones from the contraction. Senior living places like at Golden Pond, we always put our residents first. We follow the recommendations from the CDC and WHO to keep our residents safe.

Stay Updated

Keeping informed during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential. Please follow the latest news and updates on COVID-19 by visiting our COVID-19 update page.

For up-to-date information: visit the COVID-19 update page.

The Coronavirus page includes visitation instructions (if applicable) and guidelines set forth by the State of Colorado. Our resident’s health and safety is our number one priority. By adopting our suggestions, we’ll all get through this together and, hopefully, achieve normalcy in the near future.